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Book Cover to Acrylic

Co-Worker showed me this book cover and asked if we could re-create this in acrylic. His father served in the 483rd Group and wanted this piece created for a museum. 

Using Inkscape software we were able to trace all the main lines in the design. However, the smaller details such as the Golden Eagle, stars, banners and aircraft paint became very difficult to recreate as just an acrylic piece. There were ideas but we came to a solution of using vinyl stickers that would go over the acrylic pieces. The entire piece is 90% acrylic, and 10% vinyl stickers measuring 20"x11" and took around 20 hours to recreate.
This was one of our first projects. Customer wanted to display Real Madrid Logo on the wall. We broke down the image into pieces and created a 3 layered piece measuring 17"x11" using all colored acrylic.
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