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Why You Should Choose Telerik DevCraft Ultimate for Your Web Development Projects

Why You Should Choose Telerik DevCraft Ultimate for Your Web Development Projects

If you are looking for a comprehensive and reliable software development tooling collection that covers any platform and technology, you should consider Telerik DevCraft Ultimate. This bundle includes over 1,250 .NET and JavaScript UI components for web, desktop and mobile applications, as well as reporting and report management solutions, automated testing and mocking tools, document processing libraries and design kits for Figma[^1^].

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In this article, we will highlight some of the key benefits and features of Telerik DevCraft Ultimate that make it a great choice for web developers.

Sleek and Customizable UI Components for Web

Telerik DevCraft Ultimate offers you a wide range of UI components for web development, including Blazor, ASP.NET Core, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET AJAX, Angular, React, jQuery and Vue. You can easily create feature-rich and professionally designed web apps with these components, which offer out-of-the-box themes and limitless customization options. Whether you need grids, charts, editors, schedulers, menus, calendars or any other UI element, you can find it in Telerik DevCraft Ultimate.

Embedded Reporting and Report Management Solutions

Telerik DevCraft Ultimate also includes Telerik Reporting and Telerik Report Server, which enable you to create, style, view and export rich, interactive and reusable reports in your web or desktop application. You can also manage your reports from a single web interface, where you can store, schedule and share them with your users. Telerik Reporting supports .NET Core, Blazor, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET AJAX, Angular, React, WPF and WinForms[^1^].

Automated Testing and Mocking Tools

Another benefit of Telerik DevCraft Ultimate is that it comes with Telerik Test Studio Dev Edition and Telerik JustMock. These tools help you to simplify your software testing tasks and ensure the quality of your code. Telerik Test Studio Dev Edition allows you to create functional UI tests within Visual Studio, with or without coding. It also provides native support for all Telerik and Kendo UI components[^1^]. Telerik JustMock is a mocking solution that enables you to craft unit tests quickly and easily. It integrates perfectly with Visual Studio and your favorite unit testing framework[^1^].

Document Processing Libraries

Telerik DevCraft Ultimate also provides you with document processing libraries that enable you to create and manipulate most commonly used file formats (XLSX, CSV, DOCX, PDF, HTML, RTF, TXT, ZIP) without relying on third-party software[^1^]. You can use these libraries to generate invoices, reports, catalogs or any other documents in your web or desktop application.