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Buy And Sell China Dishes

Buy And Sell China Dishes >>>>>

Buy And Sell China Dishes

At Classic Replacements, it is our pleasure to help you sell your China and Tableware items hassle-free and for the best price. Unfortunately, we have been swamped by many requests that are either irrelevant to what we buy (not tableware for example) or by people not wishing to sell but just want to know the value of their items.

When a 20-piece dining set is passed down the generations, you could be unknowingly holding onto a fortune! China, the delicate white or translucent dinnerware pieces that chip and smash so easily, could be centuries old. Other items which are vintage rather than antique can be valuable too, as people like to collect fine china items.

As well as porcelain vases, like the one pictured above, the Meissen red dragon range features plates, teacups, and all manner of tableware. The Ming red dragon design was inspired by original Chinese china, but is actually made in Germany by the Meissen company.

There is a lot of china available to buy online, and many places to sell it too. If you have very specialist china or rare china that you believe is very valuable, then the best way to sell it is to contact a professional antiques dealer.

Finally, find out what pattern your china is by using a resource like Replacements. Simply find the brand that your backstamp referred to, look it up on replacements, and scroll through their patterns until you find your specific set.

If this is the route you choose to take, you can fill out their form with the information you previously collected about your china. They will then contact you to let you know if they are currently buying that particular type of china.

The best way to figure out if this option is the best for you is if you find that you have a complete set that is valuable. In this case, it is best to sell it locally as this will increase the chances of you being able to sell the entire set together. It will also reduce the likelihood that something will get broken in transit to the buyer.

The third and most popular option is to sell china on an online marketplace where you will actually pack the dishes yourself and send them to the buyer. This is such a popular option because we already use sites like these all the time to buy and sell stuff.

One great online marketplace where you can fetch a great price for your china is Sheepbuy. It works like selling on Amazon or eBay, but you end up keeping more of the money because the fees are lower. Instead of taking commission on each sale, they charge a low flat-rate monthly fee depending on how many items you are going to list.

Thank you for your interest in selling china to us. We buy tableware sets that are in excellent condition dating back to the 1960s (not commemorative, collectable and antique tableware or figurines) and only buy and collect items from the United Kingdom.

Before we can assess whether we may be interested in buying your china, we need to know the manufacturer and pattern. The back stamp of the underside of your items should provide this information. We also require the exact details of the items, including sizes and shapes. Simply follow the steps below and if we need stock in the items you're looking to sell and the pieces meet our quality guidelines, we will make you a no-obligation offer.

If you have lots of items to sell and listing all the details feels like a daunting task, please send us an initial email enquiry including a photograph of your complete set and one of the makers mark on the underside of a plate. If it looks like something we may be interested in we will then ask you for the exact details of all your items.

If we do make you an offer and you accept, we will explain how to pack up your china and arrange for it to be collected by Parcelforce at our cost. If a sale has been agreed you are welcome to visit us to drop off your china, but please call before to check whether a member of our Purchasing Team will be available to see you.

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