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Screeps Crack Game Download

Right now, the world is pretty stale. High GCL combat is hard for the attacker as a lot of the strategies that work at lower GCL (eg. resource denial) just stop working when the other guy has 100 million credits to buy stuff with and 10 rooms out of range to harvest energy freely from. Also, people get better defensive code and, in general, you have to do a lot less to defend then you do to attack. The old military maxim is that an attacker needs three times the investmnet of the defender to succeed. In Screeps it is much greater than that, in my opinion.\nI think this comes from four main places:\n\n\nThe repair action. 100 hit points per energy (unboosted) is a little bit too powerful. Put a bit of effort in and an RCL 8 room can repair 60k hits/tick. You don't actually have to kill the guys attacking you, you just have to keep them from being able to sit next to the ramparts. With T3 boosted attack creep + repair creeps many rooms are simply impossible to kill. The only three ways right now are disrupt terminal, exposed controllers, or a massive attack hitting 15+ rampartswith ranged attacks at once (ie. 15 creeps sitting at range 2 doing RMA - the idea being to put the defender on spawn time limits with how many repair creeps he can spam), along with associated healing. If the room doesn't have power enabled, or doesn't have an exposed controller, or doesn't have 15+ rampart surface area you're not killing it. Even with lots of ramparts or power enabled it's far from certain: keeping 100% uptime in attacks is hard. Especially if the ramparts are massive, bringing me to my next point:\n\n\nWall height. Because the repair action is quite cost effective people can affort rather big ramparts. As above, to out-damage repair creeps needs expensive attacks. These attacks rely on distributed damage across the front. You might only do 30k damage/tick. Sounds like a lot, but split over 20 double thickness 50m+ ramparts you're not getting very far. This is more of an economics thing: the cost in boosts to crack this thing far outweighs the cost in energy to build it.\n\n\nSafe mode. Once you have these 100m+ ramparts and a reasonable defense code you can use safe mode freely. That means that unless you have 3+ rooms under these massive assaults, each room can spend 40% of it's time in safe mode repairing and stuffing the storage with resources to last the next 30k ticks. Regenerating safe mode is very cheap, and the risk is low.\n\n\nTTK and bursts. When attacking a room you're often living in a case where one bad move kills you. T3 tough is fairly pointless due to the uncertainty in pre-healing. Sorties combined with tower damage can be timed by the defender to burst down the attacker very quickly. The attacker has to do everything right every tick. The defender just has to do something right occasionally.\n\n\nNow I think power has gone a way toward helping. Maybe with factories we'll see more rooms with power enabled. Power lets you freeze the spawns, take out the towers, lock out the terminal. Those are all big deals. The question is whether factories are enough incentive to enable power in many rooms. My first impresison is "no", but we'll see.\nI have some other proposals for fixes though. Lets have a go:\n\nRepair is too good. Drop it to 50 hits/energy.\nHigh defenses are too prevalent. Multiply rampart decay by Math.ceil(hits / 10e6). In other words, up to 10m the ramparts cost the same as now, but up to 20m they'd cost double. This would also bring walls back. Too many people just spam ramparts.\nSafe mode is too good. Just remove the generateSafeMode action. If you've used 7 safe modes on a room then you've had enough time to save it.\nBurst damage. A couple of ideas here. First is to simply double hits/part. 200 hits/part would make creeps a lot less fragile and make the co-ordinated heal and prehealing less knife-edged. It'd mean we'd need less tough for it to actually be useful (it's only useful today if you pre-heal right). Second idea is to give towers a "miss" chance of 50%. The worst-case damage would stay the same, but you'd be really unlucky if they did that two ticks in a row. Maybe increase TOWER_POWER_ATTACK to 800 to compensate. This would reduce the defender advantage somewhat in pure DPT, but also make the attack less prone to one-bad-preheal.\n\nEDIT: Seems nobody much likes random tower damage. That's fair enough \n","deleted":false,"pid":14191,"tid":2809,"timestamp":1570811131846,"uid":138,"edited":1572985553101,"editor":"uid":138,"username":"Tigga","userslug":"tigga","picture":" -svg?username=Tigga","bookmarks":1,"upvotes":0,"downvotes":0,"votes":0,"timestampISO":"2019-10-11T16:25:31.846Z","editedISO":"2019-11-05T20:25:53.101Z","index":0,"user":"uid":138,"username":"Tigga","userslug":"tigga","reputation":0,"postcount":349,"picture":" -svg?username=Tigga","signature":"","banned":false,"status":"offline","lastonline":1651179836142,"groupTitle":null,"groupTitleArray":[null],"icon:text":"T","icon:bgColor":"#9c27b0","lastonlineISO":"2022-04-28T21:03:56.142Z","selectedGroups":[],"custom_profile_info":[],"bookmarked":false,"upvoted":false,"downvoted":false,"replies":"hasMore":false,"users":[],"text":"[[topic:one_reply_to_this_post]]","count":0,"selfPost":false,"display_edit_tools":false,"display_delete_tools":false,"display_moderator_tools":false,"display_move_tools":false,"display_post_menu":0},"content":"I generally agree. I especially like the Math.ceil(hits / 10e6) limitation to ramparts: But I would also like to see their max height reduced to 1/10 of current, so best case... 30M ramparts that decay at 3X rate between 20M and 30M. Just spank them hard. 30M should be the limit to walls, too.\nThis would heavily encourage active defenses and deter zombies that currently just hide behind walls.\nDo NOT like the burst damage. Screeps is a game of deterministic outcomes and pure strategy. It does not roll dice. Nor should it start rolling dice.\nThe other problem is GCL. It's WAY too high. If you have 30 rooms spread across 6 sectors, you're invulnerable. Even is a coordinated group was to attack you from 3 sides, you could just expand out in the 4th.\nWhat I think should be done:\nFirst, the aforementioned changes to ramparts and walls.\nReduce max GCL to no more than 15. 10 would be better.\nAnd now the big one:\nRemove the focus on PvP combat. Still allow it, sure. But add Alpha Predator NPCs that seed in the areas between players. Basically... zombie 'players' that are clearly NPCs and will follow rules specific to their class and danger level.\nHave CONTESTS for whom can write the best Alpha Predator NPC in each class. Each class and power level in the class has rules the NPC must follow, some of them would be low level punching bags, others top level horrors you might be better off not getting close to. The number of which level of each class can be tuned by devs to provide a challenging environment.\n","deleted":false,"pid":14194,"tid":2809,"timestamp":1570815178071,"uid":2006,"replies":"hasMore":false,"users":["uid":138,"username":"Tigga","userslug":"tigga","picture":" -svg?username=Tigga","icon:text":"T","icon:bgColor":"#9c27b0","administrator":false],"text":"[[topic:one_reply_to_this_post]]","count":1,"timestampISO":"2019-10-11T17:37:34.197Z","upvotes":0,"downvotes":0,"votes":0,"timestampISO":"2019-10-11T17:32:58.071Z","editedISO":"","index":1,"user":"uid":2006,"username":"Smokeman","userslug":"smokeman","reputation":0,"postcount":128,"picture":" -svg?username=Smokeman","signature":"","banned":false,"status":"offline","lastonline":1615472306796,"groupTitle":null,"groupTitleArray":[null],"icon:text":"S","icon:bgColor":"#e91e63","lastonlineISO":"2021-03-11T14:18:26.796Z","selectedGroups":[],"custom_profile_info":[],"editor":null,"bookmarked":false,"upvoted":false,"downvoted":false,"selfPost":false,"display_edit_tools":false,"display_delete_tools":false,"display_moderator_tools":false,"display_move_tools":false,"display_post_menu":0,"content":"@smokeman said in Encouraging more combat at high GCL:\n\nWhat I think should be done:\nFirst, the aforementioned changes to ramparts and walls.\nReduce max GCL to no more than 15. 10 would be better.\n\nFor me, rule one of proposing balance changes is "don't completely destroy what already exists". People have GCL 30+ with 300 CPU and 30+ rooms. Reducing that would break the entire game and piss off a lot of people. You've got to distinguish between "things that would make the game better from a fresh start" and "things that would make the game better today".\n","deleted":false,"pid":14195,"tid":2809,"timestamp":1570815454197,"toPid":"14194","uid":138,"edited":1570815470497,"editor":"uid":138,"username":"Tigga","userslug":"tigga","picture":" -svg?username=Tigga","upvotes":0,"downvotes":0,"votes":0,"timestampISO":"2019-10-11T17:37:34.197Z","editedISO":"2019-10-11T17:37:50.497Z","index":2,"parent":"username":"Smokeman","user":"uid":138,"username":"Tigga","userslug":"tigga","reputation":0,"postcount":349,"picture":" -svg?username=Tigga","signature":"","banned":false,"status":"offline","lastonline":1651179836142,"groupTitle":null,"groupTitleArray":[null],"icon:text":"T","icon:bgColor":"#9c27b0","lastonlineISO":"2022-04-28T21:03:56.142Z","selectedGroups":[],"custom_profile_info":[],"bookmarked":false,"upvoted":false,"downvoted":false,"replies":"hasMore":false,"users":[],"text":"[[topic:one_reply_to_this_post]]","count":0,"selfPost":false,"display_edit_tools":false,"display_delete_tools":false,"display_moderator_tools":false,"display_move_tools":false,"display_post_menu":0,"content":""Max" is just a number. In a game, there needs to be a reasonable expectation to reach some semblance of that number in your lifetime. Even then, with Screeps, the difficulty ceiling of just coding your colony is, and I quote a poster on the Steam Community: "The difficulty ceiling is so high, that if it shattered today the pieces wouldn't hit us in our lifetimes."\nOnce you paint yourself into a corner, changing the color of the paint isn't going to matter. I'm ok with people with GCL 30 quitting because they no longer have an advantage... in reality, they're probably quiting because they were really done playing anyway and don't want to bother fixing their colony. Don't let that hold the game hostage.\nMe? I would be fine with having the max GCL halved, even though it would mean mine would be halved and I would have to decide which half of my rooms to convert into energy and delete. There is still the PCs to build, and the literally never ending difficulty ceiling. The only reason to EVER run out of coding challenge in this game is because you decided to stop.\n","deleted":false,"pid":14196,"tid":2809,"timestamp":1570816664590,"uid":2006,"upvotes":0,"downvotes":0,"votes":0,"timestampISO":"2019-10-11T17:57:44.590Z","editedISO":"","index":3,"user":"uid":2006,"username":"Smokeman","userslug":"smokeman","reputation":0,"postcount":128,"picture":" -svg?username=Smokeman","signature":"","banned":false,"status":"offline","lastonline":1615472306796,"groupTitle":null,"groupTitleArray":[null],"icon:text":"S","icon:bgColor":"#e91e63","lastonlineISO":"2021-03-11T14:18:26.796Z","selectedGroups":[],"custom_profile_info":[],"editor":null,"bookmarked":false