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Classroom Spy Professional 4.4.1 Incl Patch

Unpack a copy of the tarball in a private directory and make whatever changes are necessary to get the port to compile properly under the current version of FreeBSD.Keep careful track of steps, as they will be needed to automate the process shortly.Everything, including the deletion, addition, or modification of files has to be doable using an automated script or patch file when the port is finished.

Classroom Spy Professional 4.4.1 incl Patch


Proposing a new virtual category is similar to the above but much less involved, since no ports will actually have to move.In this case, the only patches to include in the PR would be those to add the new category to CATEGORIES of the affected ports.

The dash or null in the METHOD column means that Poudriere will not update or change this ports tree, ever.It is completely up to the user to maintain this tree, including all local modifications that may be used for testing new ports and submitting patches.

When possible, please submit a git(1) patch or diff.They are easier to handle than diffs between "new and old" directories.It is easier to see what has changed, and to update the diff if something was modified in the Ports Collection since the work on it began,or if the committer asks for something to be fixed.Also, a patch generated with git-format-patch(1) or git-diff(1) can be easily applied with git-am(1) or git-apply(1) and will save some time for the committer.Finally, the git patch generated by git-format-patch(1) includes your author information and commit messages.These will be recorded in the log of the repository and this is the recommended way to submit your changes.

This will generate a patch named like 0001-foo.patch.This is the preferred way as it would include author identity,and it is also easier when you are making a series of changes thatare not meant to be squashed together.

If files have been added, moved, or removed, include the git(1) add, mv, and rm commands that were used.git mv must be run before the patch can be applied.git add or git rm must be run after the patch is applied. 076b4e4f54


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