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Dungeon Siege Legends Of Aranna Patch Ita

Installation Guide:1.obviously download all parts of the torrent2.make sure you have daemon tools or poseriso3.find where your torrents have downloaded (go onto utorrent right click on the dungeon siege torrent then click open containing folder) there should be one folder named disks open it then if disk1.mdf is the symbol of daemon tools double click it and installation will begin otherwise select it manually through daemon tools4.when it says please insert disk 2 go onto the disks folder then double click disk 2 or manually mount it same again for disk 3 do this for all disks5.the game should work fine if you try to play it but if you want to use the no-cd crack go onto crack folder leave it open then go onto program files>microsoft games> dungeon siege then drag the DSLOA.exe from the crack folder into this folder it will ask you if you want to overwrite select yes. from there on you should b able to play dungeon siege ledgends of arrana without the disk

Dungeon siege legends of aranna patch ita



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